Last Updated - 23 Nov, 2017

Shri N. Sugalchand Jain utilising a substantial part of his wealth for improving the lot of the poor. He has set up a number of Charitable Trusts such as the Singhvi Charitable Trust etc.

JAINSINDIA TRUST as a Religious Charitable Trust, has been established by Shri N. Sugalchand Jain, renowned entrepreneur and philanthropist to propagate Jainism, especially, the way of life, philosophy literature, architecture etc.

Sri Jain believes that the members of the Jain community have the potential to contribute a great deal to the growth of the nation and the world and should be provided the opportunity to do so irrespective of their economic status. As a part of this all encompassing cause, the Trust will also reach out to all sects of the Jain community, especially the poor, needly and the uncared for fringes.

There is a general feeling that the Jain community, as a whole, is quite well off. But in truth, quite a number of them are indigent and yet do not seek others' help. The Trust will go all forthcoming when it comes to seeking financial assistance even under dire circumstances. So all of us have to reach out, identify potential beneficiaries and ensure that they get all vital assistance so that thay come up in life like their more fortunate brethren.

JIT Pension Form
Download pension form for unsupported women of Delhi & NCR.
Download pension form for unsupported women of Bengaluru.
Download pension form for unsupported women of Pali Dist.
Sri Pratapmal Jawanthraj Bhandari Charitable Trust.
Download pension form for unsupported women of Jalore Dist.
Jainsindia Trust Scholarship Application Form For 2017-18
Download Digambar Form
Download Swethambar Form
Download Feedback Form
Application form applicable to Jains residing in Tamil Nadu only
both Swetambar Jain and Digambar Jain.


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