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What is possessiveness ?
Individual and society
The path to spiritual enhancement.
The flame of avarice
Non-possessiveness and charity.
Attachment is bondage, detachment liberation.
Life of an aspirant
Conflict Resolution
Religion in everyday life
The canvas of life is larger than the self
Non - possessiveness - a universal framework.

To Our Readers

Apart from their stupendous success in their business ventures, business family of Sugal & Damani have kept in their horizon, their ultimate objective of keeping the major tenets of Jainism as the core of their way of life. One of their modest attempts in this regard is to bring out the English translation of Aparigraha Darshan, the compendium of discourses originally delivered by Upadhyaya Amar Muniji in Hindi. In order to provide a far wider reach for the contents of these discourses, particularly among the younger generations, the present English translation of these discourses (translated into English by Dr. Pratibha Jain) as their humble tribute to the memory of Upadhyaya Amar Muniji.

The Sugal & Damani family offers this publication to the Humanity at large and hopes that all the readers of these discourses will reap the benefits of eternal Bliss, the ultimate result of Aparigraha.


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Published By " Sugal & Damani Family "