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It is given to very few even to function as a tool in fulfillment of a noble cause. Therefore, I consider myself extremely fortunate in having such a role albeit a small and passive one in bringing the English translation of the discourses given by Upadhyaya Sri Amar Muniji. I had undertaken this task mainly with a view to ensuring that the benefit of the pearls of wisdom and compassion delivered by Upadhyaya Sri Amar Muniji are available to the non-Hindi knowing section of the public. I have no doubt at all, once they had an opportunity of drinking at the fountain of Upadhyaya Shri’s discourses, there will be a sea change in their life. I am sure that at least most of them would consider themselves twice blessed once by their having access to Upadhyaya’s teachings and further in getting an opportunity to spread his message onwards. Even though I entered the threshold of this job with a sense of diffidence about my ability to do it at least with a semblance of success, great teachers have a way of influencing their diffident disciples to greater heights of achievement. I hope I have done my mite in fulfilling Acharya Sri’s wishes. We are naturally grateful to Acharya Sri Chandanaji for permitting the translation of his discourses and its publication.

I commend Dr. Pratibha Jain of 'Pritya' for the translation of this great work into English. She was also ably helped by Jigyasa Giri, Sri Dulichand Jain, Sangeetha Surana and Probal Ray Choudhury. There is no doubt at all that they have done a tremendous job in bringing out the spirit underlining Acharya Sri’s teachings. They have certainly earned the blessings of not only the Acharya Sri, but millions of people who will be going through this volume. I join the multitude of readers in conveying our thanks and good wishes to all of them.

I am also grateful to Shri T R Daga, Secretary Veerayatan for permitting the English translation to be brought out.

Our wise sages have revealed that one of the severest weaknesses of mankind is our possessiveness or attachment, be it through word, speech or action. When man considers himself proud of possessing a lot of material things or as possessor of immense wisdom and profound thoughts, to all of which he is immensely attached, he entirely forgets that he came into this world with nothing and while departing his mortal frame, he can carry with him nothing. What do we really own during our sojourn in life? It is only true that we have the access to the use of a few small things of which we really own nothing.


The sages and scriptures of almost all religions lay emphasis on the need for total detachment from all things be they material or otherwise. In fact we advised against even being attached to what or who we consider as God.

These lectures of Muniji have Aparigraha – Non-possession of things as their main refrain. Aparigraha is one of the rare instances where by giving up everything, one gets almost everything for, suffice is to say that I have got what one most desires – perfect BLISS!

Immense luster to our humble efforts has been added by the spiritual blessings conveyed by Pujya Acharya Sri Chandanaji . There is no doubt at all that people who have had occasion to meet the Acharya Sri Chandanaji consider themselves blessed. Acharya Sri’s blessing is yet another example of her kindness towards all her disciples, of which I am proud to consider myself one of the humblest. May Acharya Sri’s blessing shower on all of us.

In this age of corruption, greed and stress, there is much need for such works to be translated into universal languages and published for a wider audience. I am therefore grateful to my partners in M/s. Sugal & Damani, Chennai, Delhi & Mumbai for taking on the responsibility of publishing this noteworthy work.

In soulful prayer – N. Sugalchand Jain
No.25, Ranganathan Avenue
Kilpauk, Chennai 600 010

Published By " Sugal & Damani Family "